Crowdfunding Entrails!

Today we’re delighted – and terrified, but mostly delighted – to be launching our Indiegogo campaign to help us take Entrails to the Edinburgh Fringe.

A shot from rehearsals

A shot from rehearsals

A little catch-up for anybody who hasn’t been following this project so far: this is Parachute Dance’s first ever production. Entrails is a dance theatre show. Entrails is the vision of our choreographer and director Róisín O’Brien, who has been inspired by the tragedy, the comedy and the themes of human fragility in Catch-22, the renowned novel by Joseph Heller. Since Parachute Dance was founded late last year, we’ve been working hard to make this vision a reality. It’s a hell of a process! The Fringe is an amazingly inclusive arena, but getting a show put on is a demanding task for a group of young people with no financial backing behind them. As well as the fun difficulties – the creative struggles that Róisín and the dancers face as they attempt to put together an exciting, meaningful piece of art which will excite Fringe audiences – there’s also a lot of administrative legwork involved in venue hire, Fringe registration, and organising insurance and accommodation and all of the other logistical complications. And there are a lot of costs.

The final poster!

The final poster!

We’ve tried our best to look for external funding, and we applied to several arts funding schemes. But unsurprisingly the competition for such things is outrageously intense, and so far all of the costs have come out of our own pockets – which isn’t easy given that we’re trying to juggle various part-time and freelance jobs with our various creative ambitions (not to mention London rents!). One of the most significant costs of all is the venue hire – a cool £2000 for a two-week run (August 12-27) at theSpace @ Venue 45. This is paid in three instalments, one of which comes in at £600.

So to help us make this dream a reality, we’re asking for help. If we can raise our goal of £600 from this crowdfunding campaign, then we’re one instalment closer to actually making this thing work. We’re not expecting the show to run at a profit – if we can sell enough tickets to mitigate some of our own losses we’ll be thrilled. Entrails is a labour of love, and we’d love you too if you can help us to make it real.

But this isn’t just about supplication, cap in hand. This is also about asking you to come with us. We’re putting together all kinds of fun perks for people who back the campaign – nothing that breaks the bank, because that would defeat the purpose, but something a bit more personal. Anyone who contributes will get to see behind-the-scenes updates from the rehearsals and the creative process behind Entrails. You really will get to come with us on a journey.


Perks and perks and perks

There’s lots of cool stuff on offer at different reward tiers – depending on the amount you contribute. You can get personalised messages of thanks from us, including a wee video of a special choreographed thank-you from the Entrails dancers. We’ll draw you pictures (Laura‘s not bad at drawing) and write you stories (Aran will create characters and a setting of your choice!). We’ll invite you to come and join us in a party in Edinburgh with the cast and production team behind Entrails. And of course you can get some very special loot to keep as well – flyers of the show (want us to sign ‘em? We’ll sign ‘em!) and Parachute Dance pin-badges. And of course if you contribute enough then we’ll throw in a ticket to the show itself. The show which is the point of this whole thing.

Tickets to Entrails are already on sale (eep!) so we want to create a great dance; put on an unforgettable show at the Edinburgh Fringe. We want to be part of that whole scintillating artistic environment of the Fringe. Make a little place for ourselves amongst all the clowns and the dancers and the drama and the dramaturgy of that wonderful city in August.

You can watch our crowdfunding video at the top of this post, and there’s a link to the campaign itself up there too and another one down HERE. Please help us and come with us and be part of this whole mad thing that we’re doing. We’re not looking for a free ride, we’re looking for a few helping hands along the way to making something we think can be really worthwhile. We’d love it if that help came from you.



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Call for dancers!

PARACHUTE DANCE are looking to recruit 1-3 London based dancers for our Edinburgh Fringe show. Rehearsals will begin in South London in March, and the show runs from 11-27 August in Edinburgh.

More details now from our choreographer and director, Róisín:



Hey guys, as you may have seen, myself and a few others (‘Parachute Dance’) are putting on a fringe show in Edinburgh from the 11th to the 27th of August! (See our website below). The dance theatre piece will be using Joseph Heller’s ‘Catch 22’ as a starting point. We are now looking for 1-3 more dancers to complete our group.

As choreographer, I’m looking for people who are confident movers with a solid contemporary technique (ballet backgrounds and confidence in floorwork also desirable) but also people who are willing to experiment with voice and acting. The creative process will be a mix of improvisation on the dancers’ part and taught choreography. Rehearsals will begin in March, around one to two sessions a week, with an increase in intensity in the months running up to August. Rehearsals will be at Laban and GDA.

Unfortunately, we can’t offer payment for this project, as we are funding this ourselves and all funds will go towards venue hire and props, etc. However, accommodation costs should be reduced significantly, and you will be provided with a venue pass to see free shows where we’re performing. Plus, we hope that working on a project as a small group and performing it at one of the biggest arts festivals in the world will be a really enjoyable experience!

If you would like more information, please email me through roisintobrien2 [at] gmail (dot) com. If you would like to be considered, could you send through a short biography of your experience and any dance footage you think is appropriate.

Cheers! Róisín